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AI Video Intelligence

Real-Time Al-based Virtual Auditing Video Intelligence

A real-Time video analytics platform that enables enterprises to supercharge their business with video analytics. We leverage pre-existing CCTV-IP infrastructure and monitor a variety of standard operating procedures across our industry checklists.

What are we solving?

Remote Auditing

Analyze your business through cameras and a real-time dashboard.

Net Promoter Score

Ensure I 00% growth in the process compliance and quality standards.

Visual Data Analytics

Keep track of Hygiene / Quality / Safety metrics. Stay up to date with all metrics through daily reports.

What our Eye could do for you?

Gain complete visibility into your business, with a powerful platform that combines Al with Pre-existing cameras. Cloud video analytics that informs the quality, security, and operations team to monitor, optimize, and grow.

Virtual Video Auditing Solution

CCTV Cameras

We plug into your Pre-existing cameras. All Virtually

Web / Mobile Dashboard

Real-Time notifications, Reports, Operational / process compliance metrics