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Business Process Management (BPM) is a crucial component of digital transformation initiatives everywhere. Customer responsiveness and collaboration are critical and only possible by bringing together people, process and technology. To drive business growth and profitability, more efficient and streamlined business and transactional processes and overall customer experience transformation is the need of the hour.

Process Designer

Intuitive drag-n-drop based Process Modeler with Low-code Development Framework, Business Rules, Reusable Components, Human activities, Engine activities, Communication, Scheduler and Integration activities along with BPMN elements with a powerful Design Mosaic, and Rapid and Scalable enterprise-level Deployment Platform.

Forms Automation

Flexible, dynamic, drag-n-drop, Web based Electronic Form Builder with custom data validation rules and complex logical operations enables Forms automation with a great degree of flexibility to capture, validate and process information acquired from people, process, integrated systems and other data sources associated with business process.

Smart Workdesk

A virtual desk to access the work items and act upon them with Real-time Collaboration with automated actions and task management capabilities , Escalations, Queue mechanism, Calendar for multi-time-zones and Integration with legacy systems elevate accuracy, efficiency and timely task completion empowering user experience.

Compliance and Governance

Enabled with advanced Taxonomy, Audit Trail, Versioning Capabilities, Record Retention Rules the System ensures of Compliance, Regulation, Security, Risk Management and Business Continuity.

High Quality User Experience (UX)

Impactful User Interface with Smarter, Faster, Lighter platform experience. Intuitive visual modeling framework, easy build and deployment platform and rapid publish to operations create best-in-class user experience to engage workforce.

Security & Compliance

Enterprise-class Security, Information Integrity, Audit Trail, Electronic Signature, E-Governance with risk management and Regulatory Compliance are the key areas in the digital business world and BPM brings them together in one platform.