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CX Suite

The key reasons why businesses are opting for Hosted IP PBX:


Easy to install and configure


Managed effortlessly via a web-based interface (GUI)


Allows easy access for multiple locations and telecommuting


Comes with assorted advanced features for maximum efficiency

PBX Solution

IP PBX is a combina9on IP and PBX. When used together, IP PBX becomes a robust business
phone solu9on that assists businesses in the smooth handling of calls over the internet.

The key reason why businesses must have IP PBX software is that it acts as a gateway for
incoming and outgoing business calls. Owning an enterprise VoIP PBX can change the way your
business performs in today’s highly compe99ve world. With features like Interac9ve Voice
Response (IVR), Voice mail, Auto-a\endant, Computer Telephony Interface (CTI), and many others, organiza9ons can not only enhance their professional image but can also significantly
improve their customer assistance services.

It can be installed on-premises or over cloud servers. Our mul9-tenant IP PBX solu9on is
suitable for medium to large enterprises with widespread opera9ons, ITSPs, ISPs, MSPs, as well as hosted service providers.